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Indigovision Has Powerful Software Features


The best security solutions are offered by the ones which provide the user the greatest amount of control. And in security systems control comes from the software. Indigovision security software is packed with features which keep operators on top of the situation at all times; even if the operator happens to be on the other side of the world. At this site you’ll find more information on physical security considerations.

With Indigovision, you can monitor data remotely through the network so you are able to see incidents as they occur in real time for maximum situational awareness. This in turn allows you to authorize the minimum level of response required to contain each situation. The response and the priority it is given can then be effectively delegated to the people with the appropriate authority and knowledge. Thus routine stuff can be delegated to your regular onsite operators. Repair and maintenance personnel can be alerted to Incidents involving equipment failure and situations requiring emergency response can be reported to the proper authorities or government agencies. This can include incidents requiring medical services, fire department or police response. Alarm zones are grouped by area to reduce the number of alarms. This gives security personnel more time to focus on the most serious incidents.

To help security personnel, there is a feature called black screen monitoring. This keeps the monitor screen blank until an incident happens; only then will video be displayed. This gives security personnel a convenient way of monitoring alarm incidents and, again, providing only the minimum level of response required to get any situation under control.

It takes only about an hour to set up and install Indigovision software. It is also easy to use, with drag and drop operations used to display multiple cameras. The software suite is also programmed to be compatible with third party systems in alarm management, access control, building management and intrusion detection. Indigovision conforms to ONVIF requirements so there are no compatibility issues with third party cameras.

Indigovision is installed under a unique system called distributed architecture. Under this system there is no central server, single point of failure is eliminated, network bandwidth is more evenly distributed, and latency is minimized.

Indigovision is big on features which allow powerful data searches that significantly simplify searches. There are powerful tools included in the security software suite which is capable of searching and analyzing audio and video content. For example, you can specify a video search that shows “everyone who passed down these stairs.” Audio records, on the other hand, can be searched for things like “find the point when intruders broke through this door.”

Video files are shown as thumbnails and indexed by events, alarms and motion and audio content. Evidence gathered can also easily be imported from multiple sources and collated for easier review using a separate audio video player. All these tools make investigation into incidents much easier, more efficient and more accurate; significant events and incidents can be located in seconds where manual searches would have taken hours.

Indigovision’s powerful software enables you to maintain control over your security.

Multi Touch Overlay – Important Features To Consider

multi touch overlay

The many benefits of using a multi touch overlay to improve the performance of an ordinary monitor screen is just beginning to be realized. That may be because many people will only feel confident using real multi-touch screens; then again, how many people know what a multi touch overlay is?

In the simplest terms, a multi-touch overlay is a device which attaches to ordinary monitor screens to give them multi-touch capability. The rationale for using touch screen overlays instead of just replacing ordinary monitors is to save on expenses; a multi touch overlay is significantly cheaper than a new touch screen monitor.

TECHNOLOGY: There are quite a few different technologies used, with Infrared (IR) and projected capacitance (ProCap) being the most popular. Each has its own pros and cons.

Projected capacitance overlays have robust constructions and are water and dust resistant. They are multi-touch capable and recognize smooth gestures. They are not affected by most interference; not even solid objects placed on the screen. However, they are not available on larger screens.

IR Touch overlays can be used in larger screens and are relatively inexpensive. They provide good response to multiple touches and smooth gestures. They are thin, light and it is easy to create custom sized screens. Bright light hampers proper function and solid objects or other obstruction will cause occlusion.

Other technologies are also used to a lesser degree, so it may help to contact a few manufacturers, or organizations like the Information Technology Industry Council for more information.

Borderless Screens: There are certain applications in which a borderless touch screen is more appropriate, such as in high-end showrooms and exhibitions; examples include luxury car or jewelry exhibitions. In such cases, IR touch technology will not apply because the IR emitters and sensors need to be housed at the edges of the screen creating a bezel of sorts.

Economy: Barring any clash with the requirements of use, IR touch technology offers a significantly lower price than projected capacitance.

Larger Screens: Projected capacity overlays are available in a wide variety of sizes, with the higher end of the range usually topping out at about 80”. But if you need really large screens, those using IR technology may be the answer.

Outdoor Applications: Touch screens using IR technology are sensitive to bright lights. While they may work in some shaded conditions outdoors, they will not work well in direct sunlight. One outdoor location they may be able to work well in is in a covered walkway. Otherwise it is best to use technologies not sensitive to light such as projected capacitance.

Response Time: When used in business applications, especially in front of potential clients, touch screens need to be as impressive as possible. IR technology screens offer the fastest response times; <10ms is common. However 20ms works just fine.

Ease of Installation: Most overlay screens are delivered ready for use, however some IR touch overlays come in kit for; that is ok, so long as assembly is easy and instructions are clear.

The features you need your multi touch overlay needs to have depends on your requirements and the conditions under which they need to be operated. If you can properly define them, you can choose the most appropriate overlay in terms of quality, economy and desired features.

ACD Call Center Service Gets The Most Out Of Agents

acd call center service

In business it is always an advantage to get the most out of its resources and companies recognize that their people are their most valuable resource.  In contact centers the most important human resource are their call center agents.  Because of this call center agents are pampered within call center premises.  They are given above average pay and generous benefits packages.  They are provided with facilities most other types of workers can only dream of like well-stocked pantries, recreation rooms, slumber rooms and even gyms.

All the pampering is proof of how difficult it is to find and retain the services of good call center agents.  This is why contact centers must get the most out of their call center agents; their time is too valuable for them to be left idle or to be expected to do menial tasks.  Their time should be spent doing what they are skilled and trained to do.  It may be selling, providing information, manning complaints hotlines, or collecting payments but it certainly is not manually dialing phones.

Fortunately, contact centers can turn to acd call center for help; the acd stands for automatic call distribution.  That is a deceptively simple name for such powerful software that provides a lot of benefits. Automatic call distribution systems are designed to handle multiple incoming calls and pass them on to the appropriate person or department.  While people may be rattled by simultaneous calls and perhaps make a mistake, acd software never even miss a beat.  Efficient routing prevents dropped calls or calls which are missed entirely; two things sure to draw the ire of clients.  The Canada Contact Center Association and similar industry organizations continuously search for ways to improve efficiency through automation.

Automatic call distribution helps to shorten the waiting time of clients.  While that may sound like a benefit only to the clients, call center agents will find it easier to deal with clients who have not been asked to wait too long.  Moreover, the acd analyzes where the call came from and matches it with a database containing call handling instructions to determine the most appropriate agent or department. This aids in easier resolution of issues, increase call center agent confidence, and customer satisfaction.  You can find a section on automatic call distribution if you visit this site.

An acd call center service may be paired with interactive voice response (IVR) systems and computer telephony integration.  IVR helps route the calls when the client is willing to input some parameters of the call such as type of information or issue, relevant department, type of product, etc.  It speeds up accurate call routing.  When ACD is used in conjunction with computer telephony integration, previously collected data can be made available to the call center agent before and during the each call.  Having bits of information about the client, previous call history and issue resolutions provide the agent with a huge advantage.  He can tailor his responses to better address the client’s concerns.  All these result in shorter call durations which allows the call center agent to field more calls.