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Fleet Tracking: How It Can Boost Business Growth?

A fleet tracking or GPS system can be utilized on every company vehicle to improve the overall performance of the business. A business can use such a system in order to know every vehicle location at any given time. This short list will give an insight on ways that a fleet tracker can help optimize […]

Indigovision Has Powerful Software Features

The best security solutions are offered by the ones which provide the user the greatest amount of control. And in security systems control comes from the software. Indigovision security software is packed with features which keep operators on top of the situation at all times; even if the operator happens to be on the other […]

Multi Touch Overlay – Important Features To Consider

The many benefits of using a multi touch overlay to improve the performance of an ordinary monitor screen is just beginning to be realized. That may be because many people will only feel confident using real multi-touch screens; then again, how many people know what a multi touch overlay is? In the simplest terms, a […]

ACD Call Center Service Gets The Most Out Of Agents

In business it is always an advantage to get the most out of its resources and companies recognize that their people are their most valuable resource.  In contact centers the most important human resource are their call center agents.  Because of this call center agents are pampered within call center premises.  They are given above […]