Fleet Tracking: How It Can Boost Business Growth?

fleet tracking

A fleet tracking or GPS system can be utilized on every company vehicle to improve the overall performance of the business. A business can use such a system in order to know every vehicle location at any given time. This short list will give an insight on ways that a fleet tracker can help optimize a business.

Important features of a fleet tracker or GPS system

Real-time Mapping

This feature will let the business owner know the whereabouts of every single vehicle of the business. This is a very basic feature and should not be left out when one tries to avail of such a service.

Maintenance Alerts

A good GPS tracking system can also provide maintenance alerts. Having a fleet of vehicles to manage is entirely a different thing managing two or three vehicles. There are maintenance schedules based on engine hours and some on mileage. A trucking business cannot put all their 10 or 20 vehicles at the same time for maintenance service, which means a good GPS tracking system can give out alerts on different criteria.

Driver Dispatching

For a business that requires a driver dispatch, a driver dispatching feature should be included in its features. This feature can allow the business to service more customers in a short amount of time. Efficiency is the key factor here.

Landmarks and Geofences

Landmark and geofence features allow the passive tracking of every vehicle in the pool. This feature alerts the base or HQ if a particular vehicle has left the company compound or have reached the customer’s location.

PTO Event Tracking

Everything being performed on the vehicle can also be monitored via the GPS tracking system. Power take-off or PTO events, like enabling a hydraulic lift or using a seat belt, can be monitored and recorded. If the business needs such a feature, make sure that the fleet tracking system can integrate PTO events.

Mobile Fleet Tracker

The current technology allows anybody to work anywhere. Devices such as smartphones and other handheld devices that can access the internet will be able to access the GPS tracking system. One just needs to make sure that a mobile version is available for the said system.

Robust Reporting

A complete report is always the best source of information. Many GPS tracking systems can provide basic reports. However, a comprehensive report is needed to enhance the operation of the fleet.


A good tracking system can provide analytic reports. These are simplified reports about performance over time or other simple reports. Not all systems provide one.

Field Service Management Tools

Business that allows their drivers to interact and collect data from their customers need to have this feature. This will let those out in the field to update information on a central system. A fine example is the collection of payment.

Technical Support Provision

There will come a time that things will not work according to plan. The same is true with the GPS tracking system. A good tracking system provider can provide the hardware, the software and the technical support for the system.

A good fleet tracker can provide many of the features above, has provisions for all of these important features and it is easy to use.