Indigovision Has Powerful Software Features


The best security solutions are offered by the ones which provide the user the greatest amount of control. And in security systems control comes from the software. Indigovision security software is packed with features which keep operators on top of the situation at all times; even if the operator happens to be on the other side of the world. At this site you’ll find more information on physical security considerations.

With Indigovision, you can monitor data remotely through the network so you are able to see incidents as they occur in real time for maximum situational awareness. This in turn allows you to authorize the minimum level of response required to contain each situation. The response and the priority it is given can then be effectively delegated to the people with the appropriate authority and knowledge. Thus routine stuff can be delegated to your regular onsite operators. Repair and maintenance personnel can be alerted to Incidents involving equipment failure and situations requiring emergency response can be reported to the proper authorities or government agencies. This can include incidents requiring medical services, fire department or police response. Alarm zones are grouped by area to reduce the number of alarms. This gives security personnel more time to focus on the most serious incidents.

To help security personnel, there is a feature called black screen monitoring. This keeps the monitor screen blank until an incident happens; only then will video be displayed. This gives security personnel a convenient way of monitoring alarm incidents and, again, providing only the minimum level of response required to get any situation under control.

It takes only about an hour to set up and install Indigovision software. It is also easy to use, with drag and drop operations used to display multiple cameras. The software suite is also programmed to be compatible with third party systems in alarm management, access control, building management and intrusion detection. Indigovision conforms to ONVIF requirements so there are no compatibility issues with third party cameras.

Indigovision is installed under a unique system called distributed architecture. Under this system there is no central server, single point of failure is eliminated, network bandwidth is more evenly distributed, and latency is minimized.

Indigovision is big on features which allow powerful data searches that significantly simplify searches. There are powerful tools included in the security software suite which is capable of searching and analyzing audio and video content. For example, you can specify a video search that shows “everyone who passed down these stairs.” Audio records, on the other hand, can be searched for things like “find the point when intruders broke through this door.”

Video files are shown as thumbnails and indexed by events, alarms and motion and audio content. Evidence gathered can also easily be imported from multiple sources and collated for easier review using a separate audio video player. All these tools make investigation into incidents much easier, more efficient and more accurate; significant events and incidents can be located in seconds where manual searches would have taken hours.

Indigovision’s powerful software enables you to maintain control over your security.